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                                                   Date of Birth:  February 1988         Height:   5'4"  (1.62 m)    

                                                                    Citizenship: USA        Weight:   110 lbs  (50kg)

                                                               Languages:  English          Eyes:  Brown

                                                                                                                       Hair:  Brown








IClick here for hardcopy of CV





  • "Cosmic Jungle" Meow Wolf NYE Party

        Santa Fe Farmers Market (Santa Fe, NM)

             Aerial Silks


  • "The New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball"

        Embassy Suites by Hilton (Albuquerque, NM)

             Aerial Sling


  • "New Years Eve Cirque Extravaganza"

        Route 66 Casino and Resort (Albuquerque, NM)

             Aerial Silks


  • "To Air is Human" Small Show

        Albuquerque Aerialist Collective (Albuquerque, NM)

             Duo Vertical Rope


  • "The Reptilian Lounge"       

        Tricklock Performance Company (Albuquerque, NM)

             Aerial Sling


  • "Carniveil: Hall of Shadows" Halloween Event

        Royal Wolfs Crossfit Gym (Albuquerque, NM)

             Atmospheric Aerialist, Shadow Dancer


  • "Party Like Gatsby"

    European Tour (Düsseldorf, Hamburg)  (

    • Aerial Silks, Partner Acrobatics, Walkabout Fire Dance/Contortion




  • "Folk Circus"

        Skarsgard Farms (Albuquerque, NM)

               Atmospheric Aerialist, Partner Acrobatics


  • "Circus Fiction Double Feature Picture Show" 

       New England Center for Circus Arts (Brattleboro, VT)

  • ​         Original Aerial Silks Solo, Group Contortion &                  Object Manipulation




  • "The Flying Nut: A Journey" 

       New England Center for Circus Arts (Brattleboro, VT)

               Acrobatics & Tumbling


  • "Foul Play and Fury

       Black Widow Cabal ( Albuquerque, NM)

              Original Aerial Silks Solo


  • "Rare Hare"

       Sanctuary Above the Crypt (Albuquerque, NM)

               Atmospheric Aerialist


  • "The Reptilian Lounge"

       Tricklock Performance Company (Albuquerque, NM)

               Partner Acrobatics/Acrobalance


  • "Things That Go Bump in the Night"

       Albuquerque Aerialist Collective (Albuquerque, NM)

               Original Aerial Fabric Solo


  • "Angel's 4th Annual Masquerade and Charity Ball"

       Letiferus Angelus Productions (Albuquerque, NM)

               Atmospheric Aerialist






  Aerial                              Ground


  Silks                                   Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Rope                                  Partner Acrobatics & Acrobalance

  Static Trapeze                 Contortion

  Dance Trapeze                Juggling

  Sling/Loop                     Belly Dance 

  Hoop                                 Fire Dance






  Cotume Design

  Set Design

  Make-up & Face Paint






  • "Pangea" (Pütznitz an der See, Germany)

                Trapeze, Rope


  • "Garbicz" (Garbicz, Poland)

                Duo Vertical Rope


  • "Buttons" Music Video for Ronit Rolland (Berlin, Germany)

​​​​                Aerial Silks Solo




  • Festoche Des Ilettes (Bourg St. Maurice, France)

               Original Aerial Silks Solo


  • European Juggling Convention (Millstreet, Ireland)

               Original Aerial Silks Solo




  • Colourfest (Wimborne St. Giles, Dorset, UK)

                Original Aerial Fabric Solo


  • "Frank" Film (partially filmed in New Mexico, USA)

                Original Dance and Ribbon Solo




  • Goa Tribal Festival (Arambol, Goa, India)

                Partner Acrobatics/Acrobalance


  • Indian Juggling Convention (Ashvem Beach, Goa, India)

                Partner Acrobatics/Acrobalance



  • New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA)        2013-2014

        Intensive Professional Training Program

               Major in Solo Aerial Fabric

               Minor in Group Contortion & Object Manipulation


               Elsie Smith, Serenity Smith Forchion, Jamie Hodgson,                    Bill Forchion, Aimee Hancock, Sellam Ouahabi, Tony                      Duncan, Said Debbach, Melissa Knowles, Megan                              Gendell, Radha Newsom, Damon Honeycutt


               Donlin Forman (Martha Graham), Damon Honeycutt                      (Pilobolus), Susan Murphy (Laban/Bartenieff Institute                    of Movement Studies)

       Physical Theater:

               Jesse Dryden, Mario Diamond, Rob Mermin, Bronwyn                    Sims


  • Albuquerque Aerialist Collective                                 2012-2013

               Aerial Silks with Amy Christian (Wise Fool)

               Static Trapeze with Colleen McKeown (Wise Fool)


  • Grassroots Yoga Studio                                                 2012-2013

               Acrobatic Yoga & Acrobalance


  • University of New Mexico                                            2006-2010

        Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

               Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society


  • Recreational & Competitive Artistic Gymnastics    1995-2004

       Duke City Gym Recreational Program

       Gold Cup Gym Recreational Program

       Gold Cup Gym Level 5 Competition Team

       Dana's Gym Level 6 Competition Team

                Level 6 All-Around State Champion 2003

       Dana's Gym Level 7 Competition Team







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